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Danielle from Home Imagician Interior Design has a Top 3 Design Tips When Building or Renovating Your Home.

  • Sweat the small stuff – When it comes to design and build, it is really important to get down to the nitty gritty and make those early design decisions about what you want and where you want it. I’m talking about even the smallest of things such as power points, light fittings, light switches, plumbing, ovens, joinery finishes etc. It is important to work these things out during what is called the ‘rough in’ stage, not doing this may impact negatively on the overall result and could lead to costly mistakes. Knowing exactly where you want your fixtures to go will assist with creating a suitable design, which will not only deliver optimal functionality but also a space you will love and enjoy for many years to come.


  • Consider the Lighting – It is important to assess both natural and artificial light sources within a given space. The orientation of the home can effect the penetration of natural light filtering through. If the home has a northerly aspect then it tends to diffuse a bright, direct and warm light between 11am and 1pm then become dimmer as the day progresses. This is reversed for southerly aspects. Whereas, easterly aspects will have bright, direct warm light early in the morning and diffuse a cool light in the afternoon, again this is reversed for a westerly aspect. Artificial light also comes in a variety of forms, functions and effects.Light bulbs are available in warm white, white, cool white, pearl and clear, which will emit light to either intensify or subdue the colours and finishes within the space. Research and experiment with different effects and consider all the elements such as paint colour, fabrics, furnishings and also the function and use of the room before making any lighting decisions.


  • Future Proof’ your design choices – When it comes to design trends we all want to have the latest and greatest. It is so easy to get swept up in all the ‘hype’ and ‘must haves’. This is all well and good, nothing wrong with wanting to stay current, but if not done right, can become rapidly outdated and a costly mistake leaving you filled with regret.

This is particularly important with high asset design choices such as, bathrooms and kitchens, as they aren’t that simple to fix if you change your mind. Bathrooms and kitchens are the two most important and utilized spaces, it is their good design, which will bring the most value to your home.

It is always a good idea to let the professionals assist with this, even if you feel you’re doing a good job, it is their industry experience and professional eye that can make sure the choices you make are lasting ones, that the materials and finishes aren’t going to date quickly and bring down the value of your most precious asset.