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Bedroom Styling

A small bedroom doesn’t mean you have to be cramped.There are many different ways you can decorate a small space to make it look bigger.

1. Keep the wall paint in light hues. Dark paint colours can make a room seem smaller, using light colours such as cream, whites, pale grey or pale blue will open the space and make it appear bigger than it actually is.
2. Use mirrors on the walls to reflect window light and create a sense of depth within the space.
3. Choosing a monochromatic colour palette will also give a sense of light and space. Using neutral earthy tones and textures in the furnishings and fabrics will make the room feel cosy rather than cramped.
4. Make sure your window treatments are simple and minimal. This allows more natural light in and tricks your eyes into thinking the room has depth.

Ella has used beautiful linen bedding and a monochromatic, yet natural colour palette within this small bedroom makeover to give it a real sense of comfort and space.

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Design by Ella Cyrulewska