The Stylists


Ella Cyrulewska

For as long as she can remember, Ella has been passionate about interior design. 

Starting your own business is not easy, and over the last seven years Ella has worked hard to evolve her business from restoring old furniture, to working with clients in their homes to style, renovate, refresh, repurpose, and even prepare their houses for sale.

Her own home, like that of so many designers it seems, is always a work in progress. Over the years Ella has brought in and restored old furniture, refreshed some existing pieces, re-styled various rooms, and is always planning the next big thing. Her house is a creative outlet for new ideas and techniques, that she can then bring to her client homes. Ella believes that good design changes the way you connect to your environment and the people around you. You don’t need a huge budget – even a little de-cluttering, styling, re-purposing, and restoration can breathe a new lease of life into your living space, and make your house more peaceful and enjoyable.


Danielle Vella

Interior design and architecture is an interest Danielle has shown great affection and enthusiasm for over the years. For as long as she can remember, design and all things interiors have both excited and inspired her.

Danielle’s philosophy to achieve a successful design is not based on one purpose only, but a cohesion of three important details, beauty, functionality and form.

She has been assisting clients create beautiful spaces within the residential sector for over 4 years now. During this time she has worn many hats such as, design consultant, colour specialist, an advisory service, renovator and a furniture and finishes expert. In addition to her industry experience, she has also completed a degree in Interior Design and Decoration.

Danielle loves helping people bring out their own personalities and reflecting all of who they are within their spaces, she considers it a privilege to be a part of the process in creating their dream home.