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Bedroom Inspo

Layering with lots of plush cushions and textured throws will really give that ‘cosy’ feel to a bedroom.

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Tips for how to stage a bedroom to sell!

TIPS FOR HOW TO STAGE A BEDROOM TO SELL! Did you know that statistics show that empty houses are harder to sell because it can be challenging for many people to imagine how spaces can be set up? Get your house sparkling clean. Clear clutter out of your house. Family photos should be removed from […]

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Property staging. Sell faster and for more money!

Property Staging is the ultimate deal breaker when selling your home. If your home isn’t staged, your house may take longer to sell. Using a professional staging service, like we have here at Home Imagician Interior Design could be the difference. As a result your home will sell faster! Give people every chance to imagine […]

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