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Residential Interior Design is all about creating an environment that responds to the home owners needs, uplifting your space to truly reflect you.

From kitchen and bathroom remodel, custom design, colour consult, styling, partial or full renovations to staging and preparing your property for sale, we can take care of it all. Our team of qualified and trusted experts work hand in hand to create a seamless interior design experience for our clients.

The interior design process for your home should be a collaborative journey where our designer guides you through a clear set of stages, from initial briefing space planning, room layouts, project management, FF&E design, sourcing and procurement and material specifications through to completion of your project.

Before you meet your with your designer take the time to think about how you would like to live in the space and what’s not currently working for you, this will give your designer an insight into what you would like to aspire to. If you have a Pintrest link then please email it to us.

After the initial consultation, your designer will send you a custom proposal. The design proposal provides a clear set of deliverables for your project, enabling you to check-off project progression and ensuring 100% transparency throughout the project process.

Can I Afford It?

Very often people think that they don’t have the budget for an interior design service. They presume that getting an interior design professional in to help is an expensive exercise and out of their reach. What they don’t realise is that it can actually save them a lot of time and money as DIY projects if not done correctly, can result in costly mistakes.

At Home Imagician Interior Design we work with all types of budgets and our access to a wide range of suppliers means that we can source furniture, soft furnishings and accessories for our clients at better than retail prices.

Book an in-house design consultation – cost $200 per hour.

Service involves, style consult, spatial planning, the function of the room/s, layout options, aesthetics, colour selection, selection of fixtures and finishes – tiles, carpets, windows, etc. This consultation will include a proposal.


At Home Imagician Interior Design, we believe your home design is more than bricks and mortar –  it should be a reflection of your lifestyle and tell the story of the people who live there.

Our aim is for you to fall in love with your home each and every time you walk through your front door, because your home is the ultimate reflection of you.

We understand that each project has specific needs, budgets, and levels of quality with the work involved. It is important to build strong relationships with clients, suppliers and contractors in order to achieve the best possible design solution and outcome. We work with local businesses to improve all aspects of home styling including windows. If you are interested in window styling see Cobb & Co Blinds.

Book an in-house styling consultation – cost $200 per hour.

This consultation will include a proposal.