Home Imagician Interior Design

Property Staging Packages

Complete property styling

Using our range of furniture to fill every room of your house. Prices start from $2300 for apartments and $2800 for houses.

Partial property styling

It is not a full styling package for your home, but rather styling specific parts of your home. Prices start from $1500 for apartments and $2500 for houses.

Integrated property styling

We style the house using your existing furnishings. All you need is the professional touch and a consultation from the experts. Prices start from $1500 for apartments and $2500 for one bedroom houses.

Standard furniture hire period is 4-6 weeks with the option to extend.

Staging a property is always about the buyer not the seller. We focus on the broader demographic which will improve the marketability of your property.

Highlighting the positive aspects of the home not only makes it more appealing to a potential buyer, but adds value to the property.

Depending on your budget and time frame, we can also help with minor cosmetic changes. Removing excess clutter, re-arranging furniture, art and accessories within or between rooms. We can organise cleaning and recommend trades for any necessary repairs.

The process of Property Staging is as follows;

We come to your home and assess the area.

We provide furniture and homewares to style your home.

We hire these items to you for a time period.

Upon the sale of your property you return the hired items.

Here at Home Imagician we will use our expertise to highlight the positive aspects of the home, which not only makes it more appealing to a potential buyer, but it will also adds value to the property.

Our property staging costs depend on the size and location of the property, as well as how much furniture and styling is required.

This service includes a minimum 6 to 8 weeks furniture rental. We can provide longer term hire. Prices including delivery and collection charges.

Payment plan options available for our property styling services

Reasons why you should stage your home for sale.

  • 90% of buyers cannot see past the clutter.
  • It will maximise the potential sale price of your home.
  • It will create a stylish, coordinated property presentation that stands out.
  • It will speed up the sale.
  • It will invigorate interest and attract buyers.
  • It will make your property more appealing.

How we work

We will make a time for an initial inspection and spatial analysis of your property where we may take some photos and basic room measurements. If this isn’t an option due to lack of access to the property, you can simply email us photos and or floor plans of the house and our team of highly qualified designers can then determine what style and colour scheme will suit your home and bring out its key features.

We will discuss with you what your expectations are for your property, discuss your budget and advise you of your best options.

Property Staging with Home Imagician will maximise your sale price and sell your property faster. We have a package deal to suit every room in your home.

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